Monday, September 14, 2009

Okay..Can We SaY DrAMa....

Okay so last nite I decided to tape the VMA's because I have a cold and didnt have the strength to sit up and watch it..Well except for the Michael Jackson tribute w/Janet which actually made me shed a tear...Yes I know its so cheessy,lol. But what did it was you could hear that she had to fight through it in here voice and performance and its like damn..dat was her blood not just a legend..but anyways...R.IP to the KING of POP

NOw on to this kooky muthaluva...Kanye wat the hell goes through your mind before you do these things dude. He totally embarrassed Taylor Swift last nite @ the VMAs. First of all Beyonce's video along with that week ass performance was not the was just typical Beyonce. Her video won not because of a good video but only because of the contagiousness of that damn Single Ladies song cuz u know like i know i was just a low budget light show....And no I am not a HATER I am a REALIST..I give credit when it is due...

Now a few words to the Louis Vuitton Don...Kanye we all know and love your crazy antics but honestly we are growing tired of your immaturity. We applauded when you called out Bushon live t.v but that was on something that mattered. Now your bitching about awards you should have won and one's people in your camp " deserved". Maybe you were drunk...maybe you were just being a dick..or maybe you were just thirsty for some good ole fashion attention but I would like to say this to you personally... STOP BEING A BITCH AND SIT THE F*CK DOWN...STICK TO WRITING AND PRODUCING AND LEAVE THAT CRAZY PPL SHIT TO THOSE WHO NEED THE PUBLICITY LIKE OMAROSA AND JANICE DICKENSON...... xoxo,GlaMKittY

Monday, August 31, 2009

New School Year means New Fal Trends

Hey lovely ladies, I am here to let you know if you dont already know about what's in this Fall for beauty and fashion..Where shall we begin?..with makeup of course DUHH:p

Fall 2009 Beauty Trends

Okay so according to Allure Magazine these are some of the things we can expect to see this fall..Take a look

1.Red Lips

Yes ladies,red lipsticks have found there ways back into our beauty wardrobe again.It seems like every year they bring it back for yet another season. The bold color is definitely not for the meek.

Try for Cheap: If you are trying to break out and experiment I would suggest using a very cheap drugstore brand like Wet N Wild,N.Y.C or NYX to find a shade that best fits your skin tone because you can often find them for a $1. This way if your confident with your color you can take it to Sephora,Ulta, or any big name department store and have them match it.

P.S One major thing to remember when wearing this crimson shade is to
EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE your lips!!! I cannot express this enough.

2. 80s makeup

I must admit being a 80s baby i kinda like this one.The crazy shades of orange,purple and even glitter are quite enticing. But I must caution that you use the colors sparingly when out during the day. Dont show up at work looking like a extra from the a Cyndi Lauper vid.

Try for Cheap: I would say for the best bright color payoff turn to Milani eyeshadows. Availableat Duane Reade and Walgreens

3.Defined Brows

Enough of the thinned out,over plucked brows.Thick is in(in so many ways:p). So keep your arches groomed.If your growing out your brows you can still keep them polished by using manicure scissors to nip the unruly ones. I like to use a brow pencil(sharpened evrytime) and a combo of brow powder but what ever beauty weapon you choose is fine just remember to BLEND.

Try for Cheap: NYC has some great brow pencil for only a buck andalso Wet N Wild are also offering double sided brow/wax pencil for no more than $4.

4.Dark Eyes

This is the season to embrace your dark colors because the oh so classic smoky eye is in.People often think that in order for your look to be smokey you have to use black..NOT AT ALL.. I would suggest using deep bronze,plums,violets or even blues and greens to bring your own personal touch to this trend.

Try for Cheap:I would suggest some of NYX' Trio shadows in Ceramic,Casablanca,Rock n Roll,and purple,deep purple and prune.

5.Rosy Cheeks

Freshly flushed faces were all over the runway and now they can be accomplished at home too. Naturally rosy cheeks are popular for the fall so get out your pink blushes and go to moderation of course.The key to this look is keep it clean not clownish.

Try for Cheap:A cheap shade that I have come to love and that may be a great way for you to try trend without breaking bank is Wet N Wild Powder blush in Naive for only $2bucks

6.Pale Lips

Now this does not mean to go outside ghost faced,lol. I suggest using this trend to balance out the dark eyes and combine it with a rosy, natural cheek.

Try for cheap: I use CoverGirl Lip Slick in Demour or Maybelline lipstick in nude

Okay time for hair...
7. Messy Ponytails

An updated take on a childhood favortie.For this look I would suggest added extensions for length and added texture.
8.Slick Buns

When you need to look primped,polished and oh so chic through your hair into and off center bun and secure with pins.Super pretty.
9.Roughed up Waves

For the girl who loves to let it all hang out...your hair at least,lol. Run a curling iron through your strands and seperate with your fingers for a more natural turn out.
10.Hair Decor

From bows to headband, add sum charecter to your hairstyle. Seventeen magazine suggests clear headbands for your coif.

Okay so I must run to class but i will return with the top fall fashion trends...some i like and some are.......questionable,lol....XOXO,Glam_Kitty

Saturday, July 18, 2009

WoW Has It ReALLy been 4 months?

Hey fellow bloggers.I miss yall...itz been like forever... :(

So here's the deal...for the past few months I have been tryin to get sum stuff in order.Ive been considering career options(in beauty and writing of course)..and have even considered founding a sisterhood for the tri-state area(yes sisterhood as in sorority but not your typical idea of a sorority).I wanna get back to my blog cuz LAWDDD knows I misses My MakEUp*wink wink*

But Im in the mood for a HUGE 360 in my life so hopefully its goin' down soon and 09 is my year..

UpComIng Summer LooKs

Honolulu SuNriSe..yes its as tropical as it sounds
Perfect Eyebrows...especially in the summer ya brows must be on point
My Top Picks of the Summer...from music to beauty to cinema.all my picks to get u to ur best;)

Luv ya Much,XoXo

P.S As I mentioned before I am in the process of attempting to start something big in NYC.If your interested in making a difference, causing change, promoting universal sisterhood please contact me @

And by the way only genuine requests.Plz dont write me to bash me for tryin to so call "intrude" on the greek community...Thanks a bunch:)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hmmmm And I always thought I was PrIcELess

Okay so I had read on one of my fav blogs ever and she mentioned this site where you can basically check your sites networth I guess

So I went to check what it said about mine:

Website Worth: $273,750,000.00 Daily Pageviews: 125,000,000 Daily Ads Revenue: $375,000.00

OmG I had a serious double take on dat.So I dont think this is reallly accurate but ummm if it is yayyy for me I guess,lol.Go ahead and check your blog stats,


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yayy I got an award:)

I am so slow on this but I havent checked on here like I should have but Mz GlamourMeUp has
blessed your girl with an award:p and yes I am cheesing,lmao.

My Noms are:

I have been a Bad Bad gurl;p

Okay so I seem to have been obsessed with buying online lately. And today everything finally came in the mail*smile*.I made these buys because I am seriously tryin to start freelancing soon. I also wanna mention that these are the SAME palettes from Coastal Scents for ALOT CHEAPER:)

I bought the 28 neutral eyeshadow palette:

The 10 color conceal and camoflauge palette:

10 color blush palette

And the ohhh so popular contour paletteAnd guess what else came today courtesy of UPS
Now I have 43 new shadows to play with.Ill post my actual pics soon,Laterzzz;p

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Soooooooo I did a lil hauling this week:)

I was on my way home when i got the call from my mom that the UPS guy just dropped off my package:p Needless to say I ran home,lol. My Bamboo fun came.I adore one day shipping. I havent played aroung with it much but give me time.And I also got my brand spanking new G1 this past weekend from the Tmobile store.

Look @ the pretty blue colorrrrrrrrr:)
This is my phone after I tricked it out.Everyone thought they came out with a new purple G1,lol
Check out the wallpaper:) Sweeeeeeet,Laterz,xoxoxo