Monday, September 14, 2009

Okay..Can We SaY DrAMa....

Okay so last nite I decided to tape the VMA's because I have a cold and didnt have the strength to sit up and watch it..Well except for the Michael Jackson tribute w/Janet which actually made me shed a tear...Yes I know its so cheessy,lol. But what did it was you could hear that she had to fight through it in here voice and performance and its like damn..dat was her blood not just a legend..but anyways...R.IP to the KING of POP

NOw on to this kooky muthaluva...Kanye wat the hell goes through your mind before you do these things dude. He totally embarrassed Taylor Swift last nite @ the VMAs. First of all Beyonce's video along with that week ass performance was not the was just typical Beyonce. Her video won not because of a good video but only because of the contagiousness of that damn Single Ladies song cuz u know like i know i was just a low budget light show....And no I am not a HATER I am a REALIST..I give credit when it is due...

Now a few words to the Louis Vuitton Don...Kanye we all know and love your crazy antics but honestly we are growing tired of your immaturity. We applauded when you called out Bushon live t.v but that was on something that mattered. Now your bitching about awards you should have won and one's people in your camp " deserved". Maybe you were drunk...maybe you were just being a dick..or maybe you were just thirsty for some good ole fashion attention but I would like to say this to you personally... STOP BEING A BITCH AND SIT THE F*CK DOWN...STICK TO WRITING AND PRODUCING AND LEAVE THAT CRAZY PPL SHIT TO THOSE WHO NEED THE PUBLICITY LIKE OMAROSA AND JANICE DICKENSON...... xoxo,GlaMKittY

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