Saturday, July 18, 2009

WoW Has It ReALLy been 4 months?

Hey fellow bloggers.I miss yall...itz been like forever... :(

So here's the deal...for the past few months I have been tryin to get sum stuff in order.Ive been considering career options(in beauty and writing of course)..and have even considered founding a sisterhood for the tri-state area(yes sisterhood as in sorority but not your typical idea of a sorority).I wanna get back to my blog cuz LAWDDD knows I misses My MakEUp*wink wink*

But Im in the mood for a HUGE 360 in my life so hopefully its goin' down soon and 09 is my year..

UpComIng Summer LooKs

Honolulu SuNriSe..yes its as tropical as it sounds
Perfect Eyebrows...especially in the summer ya brows must be on point
My Top Picks of the Summer...from music to beauty to cinema.all my picks to get u to ur best;)

Luv ya Much,XoXo

P.S As I mentioned before I am in the process of attempting to start something big in NYC.If your interested in making a difference, causing change, promoting universal sisterhood please contact me @

And by the way only genuine requests.Plz dont write me to bash me for tryin to so call "intrude" on the greek community...Thanks a bunch:)

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