Thursday, February 26, 2009

February Lust List***

Hey guys:P

I have been surfing the web alot lately and I have discovered a wholeee heep(yes I said heep,lol)

of great stuff i want...NO,I neeeeeed.And they're not all also addicted to electronics:)

My goal is to have at least half of this stuff before the year is out.Sweeeet,XoXoXo

OMG, this is the hottest thing I have seen. I have been dying to get a photo editor and this looks like its so much fun.Anddddddd it only cost the low low price of $99:)

2. G1 phone:

How could you not want a touch screen, android phone with not only GPS and full video capabilty but it has a Qwerty pad...wait I think i just drooled a little bit,lol.

3. Mac Book

I dont even need to explain this one. The Mac book just looks dreamyyyyy. It does it all.Personally, I just like to look at it.

4. MAC Hello Kitty Kouture

If I was to win the lottery tomorrow or just have an extra 200 bucks laying around I would sooo get this collection. But I dont think I can bring myself to pay 90 dollars for a bedazzled MAC powder,but the glosses are sexyyyyyy.A girl can wish cant she....

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  1. Nice wishlist. I love electronics and make up too! :)