Wednesday, January 28, 2009

NO Snow Day in BK;p or Queens...

Okay so the snow is piling up high here in N.Y.C. And where am I may you ask? In school:(
I am stuck in my college alllll day hopped up on espresso. I had a few hours to kill(3 to be exact),so im taking advantage of the free web @ my school. Im here until 8:30pm...been here since 9am,YES dats like 10 1/2 hrs of school. Oh well we gotta do what we gotta do. Ya know I remember it would snow and I would rush to the tv to see if my school was closed or if class was delayed.Those dayz are so overrrr,lol.

But on a beauty note, Im trying to think of new looks to do for you lovely bloggers,but if yall have any requests you can just post it as a comment here and i will do my besta to post it up.XoXo:p

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