Thursday, March 5, 2009

Soooooooo I did a lil hauling this week:)

I was on my way home when i got the call from my mom that the UPS guy just dropped off my package:p Needless to say I ran home,lol. My Bamboo fun came.I adore one day shipping. I havent played aroung with it much but give me time.And I also got my brand spanking new G1 this past weekend from the Tmobile store.

Look @ the pretty blue colorrrrrrrrr:)
This is my phone after I tricked it out.Everyone thought they came out with a new purple G1,lol
Check out the wallpaper:) Sweeeeeeet,Laterz,xoxoxo


  1. hey girl!! you have an award on my page!!! check it out!! :)